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Ultra low latency market data and order entry

MayStreet provides a native C++ in-process market data solution through our flagship product, BellportTM, and hosted gateway TickerPortTM. Bellport is the best in-process feed handler available today. Highly flexible, its extensible data model works remarkably well with a wide variety of important use cases. It allows for a seamless transition between live and historical data. Our hosted solution, TickerPort, delivers lower latency with less variability than all other competitive solutions.
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Market Microstructure Analytics

Next generation transaction cost analysis (TCA) is a reality through MayStreet's Market Microstructure Analytics (MMA) suite. It allows buy and sell side firms to quickly identify and act on changes in the liquidity landscape, venue quality and other fine-grained details of market structure.  Built using industry leading data and software, MayStreet's MMA provides high value insight where traditional TCA falls short. 

Historical Data

MayStreet has lowered the bar by providing its BackportTM DaaS API that allows users to quickly select subsets of data by feed, time range and product from our hosted historical data cloud. Now you can download and store only the data you need or integrate it directly into your applications. Plus, the Backport DaaS API enables developers to build a new class of compliance tools and execution analytics quickly and easily.

Packet Capture Appliance

High-quality, packet-capture infrastructure is a must-have for every firm that needs to retain or improve their competitive advantage in capital markets. Through MayStreet's DataportTM capture solutions, you gain a plug-and-play appliance to capture, validate, monitor and split all market data and order-entry traffic. Using specialized hardware and a highly tuned system, Dataport associates high-precision GPS timestamps to capture data without dropping.

About Company

MayStreet designs and delivers advanced market access and data analytics technology for the seamless deployment of hardware and software in today's increasingly competitive marketplace. Our knowledge-base, technological expertise and trading desk experience spans the ecosystem of present-day financial technologies, from network design, to the analysis of trading algorithms. Our combined technical insight and business approach allow portfolio managers to have peace of mind, knowing their system will scale and perform whenever opportunities appear.

About Founders

Patrick Flannery

Co-Founder & CEO

Patrick focuses and directs the product vision of MayStreet using key insight gained from years of experience with the financial markets and its customers. He creates and strengthens strategic partnerships with clients to help keep MayStreet a vital contributor in today's market ecosystem.

His extensive experience comes from over a decade of building advanced trading technology and developing highly scalable low latency applications for the equity and equity derivative markets.

Serving tenures at two successful New York electronic trading firms, he was the first technology specialist at each. Sumo Capital, an equity options market maker, was one of these firms where he held the position of Director of Engineering. Prior to that he worked as Senior Software Engineer at Volant Trading. His background includes working in a variety of roles across the financial business ranging from exchange connectivity to pricing and risk management systems. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, he earned his BS in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.


Michael Lehr

Co-Founder & COO

Michael manages the operations and processes at MayStreet. His vision of structural organization and his technical mastery allow him to keep a firm footing on the necessary day-to-day happenings at MayStreet and keep us on target. Mike has vast technical experience with a wide range of business and technology groups.

Most recently, he was with Organic Motion where he held the positions of Software Architect, Principal Engineer and VP of Engineering. At Organic Motion, Mike oversaw the technical team, as well as coding in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision, to successfully usher products to the market.

Prior to Organic Motion, Michael was a Computer Vision AMTS at Sarnoff Research Labs in Princeton, NJ. At Sarnoff, Michael was responsible with optimizing object tracking and image enhancement algorithms for aerial and ground video. He came to Sarnoff after many years with Lockheed Martin IS&S, working on large distributed systems. Originally from Tarrytown, NY, he got his BA in Computer Science and Brain and Cognitive Science from the University of Rochester, and had also received a Masters of Science in Engineering (Computer and Information Science) from the University of Pennsylvania.



We are looking for technology passionate, self starters who want to be part of an engineering culture that is set to change the capital markets technology landscape.


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