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Bellport: Better Market Access Technology


Bellport was created from the ground up as fast-time-to-market technology designed for trading, research, latency-monitoring and compliance operations. As MayStreet's flagship product, Bellport was built specifically for asset managers, hedge funds, prop trading firms, tier 1 and 2 banks and exchanges that need high-performance, affordable, cost-efficient, highly reliable, flexible and scalable, ultra-low latency, market-access software. That means nothing less than high-performance, market-access technology without unnecessary high-cost cumbersome user restrictions.


  • Gain improved research and compliance data sets: Bellport works seamlessly with nearly all packet-capture (.pcap) formats and hardware providers to generate data sets for a near infinite number of workflows. When integrated with high-precision packet capture, Bellport can generate best-in-class research, compliance and latency-monitoring data sets.
  • Improve performance: Our thin, precise data model allows us to do the minimum amount of work on any input.
  • Reduce costs and hardware footprints: Bellport has reduced operating costs in existing deployments by as much as 50%
  • Pay-as-you-use. licensing: Turn your firm's traditionally large fixed costs into floating .pay-as-you-use. costs through Bellport.s flexible licensing model. Pay-as-you-use. licensing: Turn your firm.s traditionally large fixed costs into floating .pay-as-you-use. costs through Bellport.s flexible licensing model.


Bellport is built to for today's highly competitive markets, as such it supports these key features:

  • Market data and order entry coverage includes all US equities, options, futures and treasury protocols plus quickly expanding coverage for currencies, Europe and Asian markets as well as many broker connections.
  • Wide variety of supported inputs ranging from FPGAs to high end NICs, e.g., Solar Flare, to directories of packet-capture data.
  • Detail preservation includes packet boundaries, packet meta data and raw completely un-translated data.
  • Multiple data output schemes as Bellport supports the ability to access completely non-normalized data, normalized data and complete order books.
  • Same API for real-time and historical data, because having the same API for research and trading is just as important as having the same models for trading and valuation.


The BATS Pitch from a .pcap file This example shows how to read BATS Pitch data from a .pcap file, dispatching AggrgatedPriceLevel updates for all symbols.

The BATS Pitch using standard sockets This example shows how to read BATS Pitch data from the default production market data groups, dispatching AggrgatedPriceLevel updates for all symbols.

CME Globex Missed Messages

The CME Globex Missed Messages This example shows how to scan a collection of .pcap files and report any missing messages.





The Total View Product Filter This example prints the current order book on each update for a set of symbols.


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